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You are worthy of healing.

Meet Your Healer

My name is Bethany Yates, LCSW-C

I am your fat, disabled, queer, neurodivergent therapist based in Maryland.

Being a healer has come naturally to me since childhood and navigating

my own healing has led me to become a licensed clinical social worker.

I specialize in PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, LGBTQIA+ issues, 

late autism diagnosis, and adoption. In conjunction with various

evidence-based treatments, I promote healing by utilizing art, intersectional

feminism, Buddhist psychology, tarot, journaling, and dark humor. Once we

choose your goals, we will work together to decide what interventions you'd

like to try and adapt them to your neurodivergent needs.


I deeply care for my clients, so building genuine connections with them is

essential. I show up to session as my authentic self: witty, warm, transparent,

and a little awkward.  I view each client as my equal and view therapy as a team

approach to navigating pain and hope. 

Healing in therapy looks like:

Depathologizing (1)_edited.jpg

What to expect in sessions:

"Our sessions together are very relaxed and are a stake-free environment. I have never once felt judged by Bethany, and it feels like being able to talk with a friend whenever we have a session together. She is always open to what I need from therapy, and often gives choices of ways we can process something together, which is something I greatly appreciate."

Anonymous Client

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