I define a therapy session as a time set aside to connect with a mental health professional with the shared intention of healing. During sessions, I provide you with my undivided attention, empathy, insight, and training in order to help you reach your goals. In addition to providing evidence-based treatments, I promote healing by utilizing the expressive arts, intersectional feminism, buddhist psychology, tarot readings, journaling, and dark humor. 


The biggest populations I serve are LGBTQ adolescents and adults. I provide support groups and therapy groups, some specific to LGBTQ issues and others related to broader topics but in a group catered to the community. This is done with the intention of creating a safe space where clients can navigate everyday issues. I also provide letters of readiness for those proceeding with gender-affirming procedures.



I define caregiver coaching as a time set aside to connect with a professional with the shared intention of helping your child(ren) heal. During these 45 minute meetings, I provide you with a safe space to express your frustrations about parenting and learn skills to address your child's maladaptive behaviors. With seven years of professional experience and two years of experience as an adoptive parent, there is nothing I haven't handled or experienced. 


There is an abundance of research showing that emotional support animals (ESA) can be highly effective in helping individuals manage various mental health symptoms. I provide letters for clients who would benefit from an ESA car or dog, which allows them to recieve accomodation for no pet policies in rental units and dormitories.